Professional Business Mechanix


As small business owners, we like to think we can fix it ourselves especially when money is tight.  There are times we just have to invest in expert advice, because the problem is beyond our skill set.  When you need help diagnosing or fixing the problem, call the business mechanic.


Buy a Tool Kit

When you know the problem, but you don’t have the tools, buy some new tools! Whether it is a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you want to make the repairs yourself. Choose from a number of tools to transform your business.


Complete DIY

Diagnostics, Implementation by You!

If you want to do it all, run the diagnostics and implement repairs, then you need to understand all the components of your business systems. You are in the driver’s seat making all the decisions. Educate yourself on how each system works, how to determine what is and isn’t working as intended, and decide what repairs to make.


Small Businesses Have Limited Resources, Use Yours Wisely

When making your decision on how to tune-up your business, don’t be pennywise and dollar foolish.  Yes, your business has limited financial resources, but it may have an even more limited resource – time. It takes time to make a repair and see the result. The longer it takes you to make the repair, the more expensive it may be to your business in terms of lost opportunities (sales and profits).

Investing in Your Future

Making small changes that are quick and don’t require specialized expertise are definitely DIY.

Changes in accounting systems, marketing, and other critical systems may be something you are used to handling yourself. But over time, the tools, technology, and methods have changed and you haven’t kept up. If you don’t know anything about social media, new accounting standards, or regulatory changes, DIY could be the most expensive option in the long run.


DIY or Call the Expert?

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