Define the Target Customer

To be effective in your marketing, prospecting, and sales pitches, you have to focus in on a specific customer. The target customer is who you expect to buy from you. Who are they? What influences their decision to buy?

C.O.R.E. Message

You have to speak the customers language. You must develop a concise message that speaks to the heart of the customers need. What do you do for the customer? How do you do it? What result do you get? Three sentences to position your business for success.

Point of Connection

If you can’t get in front of the prospect, then they can’t buy. How do you connect to your customer? How many qualified, target prospects do you need? What is your close rate?

Invest in the Process

Have you ever drained the battery on your car either from overuse, from leaving the lights on, or the battery just lost its charge from age? Your business may experience a drained battery. You may not be generating enough activity to keep the sufficient prospects and sales in the pipeline.

You need to be where your target customers are. Are they on LinkedIn or Facebook? Do they go straigth to Amazon or Google? Do they want in-person contact or a website with great information? Do referrals and reviews impact the purchasing decision?

To get your battery recharged and fill the prospect pipeline, you have to know your target customer.

Getting to Know You

Within your existing customer base are the answers, at least some of them, to what your customers want and need. The best place to invest some time and even money is talking with your existing customer base.

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Focus group
  • Product/Service reviews

Write Your C.O.R.E. Message

Your C.O.R.E. Message summarizes your brand and your product/service through the eyes of the customer.  Download the C.O.R.E. Message Template.

C.O.R.E. Message Template