The Customer Problem or Need

Your customer makes a purchase when there is a need, want, desire, or problem. Whol they purchase from and what they purchase depends upon a number of factors including:

  • degree of pain or need;
  • amount of money available to spend;
  • alternatives;
  • benefits versus cost; and
  • what does the solution do for them.

How your customer makes a decision to buy and what to buy depends upon:

  • how they shop (on-line or at a physical location);
  • how they identify alternatives;
  • what influences their decision (recommendations, referrals, price, brand, etc.);
  • urgency to solve the problem or fill the need; and
  • other factors.

It is critical to your business to know YOUR customer and the alternatives they will consider (your competition).

The Solution

Remember the movie Field of Dreams and the mantra “Build It and They Will Come”? Waiting for prospects and customers to find you will lead to closing your business.

Today you have to be visible and have a solution that the customer:

  • understands;
  • respects;
  • values;
  • can afford; and
  • can FIND!

Your solution needs to be visible to your target customer. You need a message that is well-crafted, concise, and explains the benefits, the value. If you customer can find you, afford you, and understand your solution, you are well on your way to a sale.


Your product isn’t about features. It is about the benefits. What does your product do for the customer?


It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if your target customer can’t find you! Position your business and its products where your customers shop!


Is it easy for your target customer to buy from you? Is your sales process streamlined? On-line or at a  physical location don’t make it hard for the customer to buy!


What does your product do for the customer?

Does it save:

  • time or
  • money?

Does it improve:

  • performance
  • image?


If your customer doesn’t understand what you do or how your solution solves their problem, they won’t buy. So develop a clear message that is concise, focused, customer-oriented, and is about results.


Does the value your solution provides exceed the price the customer will pay?


There is always an alternative to your product.  The customer may choose to do nothing. They may not have the money. They may think it is to hard to implement a solution. Or…

They may chose to buy from your competition. Understand the alternatives from your customers perspective. Then show them why you have the best solution.


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If your Sales Engine is stalled…

If your sales are lagging, it is time to diagnose the problem, design a solution, and get your sales engine revved up!

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